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About BROADWAY NATION Backstage Pass Club

If you would like to support the work of this podcast and delve even deeper into the world of Broadway musicals, I invite you to become a "Paton Level" Founding Member of  the Broadway Nation "Backstage Pass Club". 

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BPC 27: "That's Not Right!" — An outtake from my conversation with Rob Schneider
Excerpt from the audiobook of "MARY & ETHEL and Micky Who?"
BPC 26: Full Interview with BEN FRANCIS on SONDHEIM
BPC 25: Full interview with Thomas Hischak on The Abbott Touch
BPC 23: Sandy Wilson Outtake: On Camp, Drag, & Politics with author Deborah Phillips
BPC 21: How We Decided Who Would Be On The List!
BPC Ep 16: Full Interview with Mark Eden Horowitz author of The Letters Of Oscar Hammerstein II

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